Angora goats originated in the district of Angora (Ankara) Turkey.  The Angora dates back prior to early biblical history.  Mention is made of the use of mohair at the time of Moses which would fix the record of the Angora some time between 1571 and 1451 B.C. The Angora is among the most delicate of our domesticated animals.  They are more susceptible to damage from internal parasites than are sheep.  They are extremely delicate at birth, and the young need some protection during their first few days if the weather is cold or damp.  The average goat in the US shears approximately 5.3 pounds of mohair per shearing and is usually clipped twice a year.  They produce a fiber with a staple length of between 4½ and 6 inches.  Mohair is truly an exquisite fiber.  It is referred to within the fiber industry as the “Diamond Fiber”.  Mohair has earned this recognition because of its many excellent qualities, its flame resistance, strength, durability, and high sound absorbency.